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Volvo XC90

We are proud to announce that Volvo Car Corporation have chosen Nosco App as their idea management platform, when involving more than 28,000 employees in companywide innovation in the years to come.

For us, Volvo stands as an iconic, truly global company with a proud Scandinavian heritage.
Its history inspires us and its future excites us. We look forward to Nosco App taking part in the next step of Volvo Car Company’s journey.

Nosco at the Front End of Innovation ‘13, 4th-6th march.


Nosco will be well-represented at this year’s Front End of Innovation EMEA at the Scandic Hotel in Copenhagen.

As part of the Future Trends Summit, Nosco’s Jesper Müller-Krogstrup will take the podium with Frank Hatzack of Novozymes. The two will go into detail on the do’s and dont’s of online ideation and provide you with the insights needed to make your organisation embrace the concept.

Furthermore, Frank Hatzack will delve into the secrets behind Novozymes’ successful adaptation of collaborative online ideation and share his first-hand experiences with a large-scale implementation.

Why not join us?
We encourage all of you to join us at the conference, where we will have a stand set up to receive you when you are not debating the latest innovative trends with the keynote speakers from Coca-Cola, 3M, Lego, GE and the like.

Also, we have arranged for a tidy 25 % participation discount for our followers. Get in touch to

Bühler Innovation Challenge



Using Nosco App, Bühler Group involved more than 3.300 employees in coming up with, sharing and building on ideas for the Bühler Innovation Challenge. The final four teams consisted of employees from Switzerland, India, China and Spain. The Innovation Challenge is a great example of what happens when leadership and management gets fully behind a companywide implementation of  Nosco App, paired with a well coordinated event.

As CEO Calvin Greider puts it:

“What’s better than having our own employees generate new ideas for our company and our future?” 

Click to see a short introduction of the teams and look at the winner being announced below.

Volvo X-Jam with Nosco App

Volvo Group recently launched X-time, a worldwide employee-driven innovation effort. As a part of the innovation effort, employees could allocate a share of their time to projects of their own personal interest.

Using Nosco App, Volvo hosted “X-Jam” to launch the initiative. The launch was truly global, involving a live feed of video and exchange of ideas between employees in Sweden, India, Brazil, US and China.

Simultaneously, all those involved used Nosco App to create, share and vote for the ideas and concepts they wanted to support and dedicate their X-time to in the future.

Volvo has been so kind to allow our blog readers to get a peek at how a global organisation like Volvo’s uses Nosco App to engage employees across time zones, cultures and continents in sharing ideas, giving them direct influence over the company’s future development. Take a look at the video.


Findings in Booz & Company’s Global Innovation 1000

The Booz & Company Global Innovation 1000 for 2011 includes 700 companies and focuses on an area that is of special interest to Nosco and all our clients: The front-end of innovation. That is where ideas are generated and chosen for further development.

So how are things at the front-end of innovation?

Out of the 700 leading global companies, 43 % felt that their process for generating ideas were ‘highly effective’. Less than that, 36 % of the companies, indicated that their process for taking ideas on to the development-stage could be called ‘highly effective’.

All in all, only 25 % of these top companies surveyed rate both parts of the front-end innovation process as being highly effective. So there’s room for improvement. Even at the top.

So the big question now is: What can one do to become a part of the 25 %? According to the survey,

the most successful innovators in