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Inside your brain: When you get a creative idea

We know that ideas can be created based on analytical thinking and logical resonance, but we also know that not all ideas are created this way. What happens in your brain, when the light bulb  suddenly turns on and a brilliant idea comes out of nowhere?

Ideas are closely connected to a fascinating human trait, that all of us know – creativity. Creativity is the ability to connect knowledge and experiences in your subconsciousness – connecting the dots, so to speak.

Your creativity is what makes you come up with different solutions and new ideas, and it’s apparently what’s driving us forward: “If you look at the advancement of humanity it fundamentally depends on creative innovation”, says Jonathan Schooler, professor at University of California…

So creativity seems kind of important: It is what made us become who we are are today, and it is what’s driving all the pioneering ideas, that are surrounding

Nosco Forum


We recently invited some of our best clients to join us in Copenhagen for a day of inspiration. The objective was to bring together interesting and innovative people to share thoughts, ideas and experience.

After an inspirational morning with workshops and presentations, we went for an experimental lunch at I’m a KOMBO in the Danish meatpacking district. Below are pictures from a great and inspiring day. Thank you all for participating. We hope to see you next year.



Innovation with customer co-creation – the rules of thumb

A recent eye-opening study made by Professor Anders Gustafsson at BI Norwegian Business School has analyzed the value of customer co-creation in innovation. The findings show a huge difference between results from customer co-creation in incremental innovation and radical innovation respectively. Read on to learn more

Customer co-creation is a hot buzzword right now. It has become increasingly popular among companies, and intensive communication with customers in the product development is generally seen as a determinant of the success of a new service or product.

With good reason: A lot of research has shown that under the right circumstances, customers can co-develop products which are both creative and have greater value for the users, than what the company can come up with it self.

On the other hand, we hear designers at leading innovators such as Apple claim that:

“At Apple we don’t waste our time asking users, we build

Idea management involving 315 million people


In September 2011, the Obama-Biden Administration launched ‘We the People’. This online service allows citizens to bring issues and ideas to the attention of the White House and its website-visitors – in other words, one giant idea box.

As a company which takes idea management seriously, Nosco are always excited to see this discipline taken into the grander scale. Furthermore, it’s interesting to see how the administration of the campaign have handled the different types of ideas to generate interest, engage hard-to-reach voters and get fresh ideas for policy and communication.

Here’s how it works

1) Users go to to share the issue they wish to bring to the direct attention of the presidential staff – and the million of users of

2) Within 30 days, they must mobilize 150 signatures on their petition through social networks and personal channels. If they manage this, the petition becomes searchable on the White House

Awareness for Hearing Loss – powered by Nosco

IDA Institute

More than 250 million people in the world are hearing impaired – 80 percent of them untreated.

In a joint effort, the IDA Institute and Nosco have created which links thousands of users and hundreds of ideas all sharing the goal of raising awareness of hearing loss and empower those challenged by it.

Now, the top ten ideas have been selected and supported by sound development and implementation plans. We think you should have a look at them here.

Next, the three winners selected by an expert panel of judges will be celebrated at the American Academy of Audiologists Conference in California in April. If you want to join the ceremony, you can!

Finally, all of the ideas garnered by Nosco App will be published in an idea catalogue, which we are very excited about, since it will also be a first-hand demonstration of the innovative prowess of Nosco App.

The IDA Institute is