Innovation by Design Awards 2013

The Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards 2013 were held in NYC on 2nd October. Adjudicated by a panel of esteemed judges including James Sommerville, VP Global Design at Coca-Cola and Evan Sharp, founder of Pinterest, each entry was judged on 6 crucial parameters: Business impact, Beauty, Originality, Functionality, Social impact and Depth of user insight.

The winners were chosen among 1200 contributions, from which 54 ideas were presented as finalists and 9 were proclaimed winners. There was an extremely diverse group of winners. One, for example, was Uber, a company that “evolves the way the world moves”, rethinking urban transportation, using an app to connect drivers and riders. The app counts features such as clear pricing, cashless payment (pay with your phone) and online feedback for your driver. This seems pretty convenient, if you ask me.

Another winner was a product – a social good – called AirPod designed by P!global for ColaLife with the aim of reaching people with anti-diarrhoea medicine in remote communities, where medicine doesn’t usually reach. How do you do this? As crazy as it may sound, Coca Cola’s distribution network actually gets to these communities and the AirPod is a medicine package designed to fit into the spaces between packaged soda bottles. Clever!

Check out the rest of the 9 inspiring winners

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