Awareness for Hearing Loss – powered by Nosco

More than 250 million people in the world are hearing impaired – 80 percent of them untreated.

In a joint effort, the IDA Institute and Nosco have created which links thousands of users and hundreds of ideas all sharing the goal of raising awareness of hearing loss and empower those challenged by it.

Now, the top ten ideas have been selected and supported by sound development and implementation plans. We think you should have a look at them here.

Next, the three winners selected by an expert panel of judges will be celebrated at the American Academy of Audiologists Conference in California in April. If you want to join the ceremony, you can!

Finally, all of the ideas garnered by Nosco App will be published in an idea catalogue, which we are very excited about, since it will also be a first-hand demonstration of the innovative prowess of Nosco App.

The IDA Institute is an independent, non-profit organization working to positively impact hearing impaired persons and hearing care professionals around the world by making patient-centered care the core of hearing care practice. To come to know more about the IDA Institute and the wonderful work they do, check out their website.

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