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Our Thoughts When We Designed a New Idea Management Tool

We have just released Nosco App, our brand-new idea management software. These are the ideas, thoughts and considerations we struggled with when designing Nosco App.

Our vision
Our vision was to make the best idea management software in the world. But what is that?

We knew that we could not make something to everyone’s taste. If you try, you end up tasteless and not attractive to anyone. So we started with defining the boundaries of the space Nosco App should work within. We want to be world class in a narrow field rather than average in a large one. That’s why Nosco App is a software to collect and select ideas. Next we formulated what we believe are the most important elements in (idea management) software. This is what we came up

A schizophrenic app
Collecting and selecting ideas are two very different disciplines. Collecting ideas is about motivating people to share ideas, but also

Why Nosco App?

We have just released our brand new idea management software, Nosco App. We anticipate a lot of questions regarding what will happen to Idea Exchange and why we have chosen to make a new product. Hopefully this post will answer most of them. If not, feel free to add your questions in the comments.

Why make a new product?
The main differentiator of Idea Exchange has been the trading part that allows users to buy and sell shares in others’ ideas. This is also Idea Exchange’s Achilles heel: buying and selling ideas isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and it works quite differently in different organisational cultures. So there has been a need for an additional way to rate ideas.

One of the top wishes from our clients has been the ability to run simultaneous idea campaigns with different and overlapping sets of users. Technically, it could easily be done with Idea Exchange, but

Nosco App Goes Public

Nosco App Intro

Today we launch Nosco App.
What a ride. We have been working like crazy over the last year to create a new and revolutionary idea management software.

Our main objective has been to make a super simple and intuitive software. The general user should be able to use it at first glance whilst it should be packed with cool features for administrators to manage, mature and evaluate ideas.

We have worked closely with some of our best clients to make sure Nosco App solves real needs. The feedback has been invaluable and we really appreciate the engagement and commitment put into it. Thank you all.

Nosco App is designed and optimised to make it easy and simple to run many idea campaigns at the same time. We have incorporated a lot of social features to increase user engagement and packed it with cutting-edge features for administrators to manage and work with ideas.

Our vision has

Master Class on Idea Management

Nosco will be attending the NPD World Tour Scandinavia and will facilitate a Master Class on idea management. The three-day conference takes place at the award winning Bella Sky hotel in Copenhagen from January 31to February 2.

Nosco partner Jesper Müller-Krogstrup will facilitate the Master Class on February 1. The class deals with achieving success with idea management and focuses on the fundamentals of idea management: how to collect ideas from people around your organisation and how to select the best ideas.


  • What it takes to implement successful idea management
  • Three great case studies
  • The power of idea campaigns
  • The Nosco team will be present during all three days of the conference, so in addition to joining our Master Class, we encourage you to come by our booth and have a chat about idea management.

    As conference sponsors, we can offer exclusive admission discounts to our loyal customers and business partners. Please contact us here if you

    Redefining Idea Management Software


    Soon we will raise the curtain to reveal a brand new idea management software called Nosco App.

    During the last six years we have worked closely with a variety of dedicated and innovative companies on all kinds of different idea management projects. We have learned so much. Looking at our own and our competitors software we believed that something was missing. So we set out on a mission to create a whole new software to redefine idea management.

    In the near future, Nosco App will see the light of day. Until then we will leak small crumbs of information. So please follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or this blog to stay updated.