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Wanted: Skilled Communications and Marketing Student for Nosco

Do you want an exciting job as a student worker at Nosco? You’ll work with some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world – including Volkswagen, Reebok, Volvo, Maersk and Novozymes.

We are a dynamic team of consultants and developers working with front-end innovation and idea management. Our consultants assist large companies to manage innovation processes, for example by using the Nosco App – our very own idea-management software. The Nosco App is also offered as an independent tool for companies to collect, structure and evaluate innovative ideas, both internally and externally, to trigger innovation and development projects.

Currently, we are looking for a bright student to work 15–20 hours a week at our office in Studiestræde, Copenhagen. Is this you? Read on!

The Job

Your job is to make the world understand what Nosco is all about. You will be responsible for our marketing – representing Nosco via our

Diversity and Serial Innovation

According to recent research by Center for Talent Innovation (CTI), there is a significant link between diversity and innovation – if you understand how to unlock the potential.

CTI is a New York based leading global talent think tank with members such as McKinsey & Company, Google, Hewlett-Packard and New York Times.

With input from 1,800 survey respondents, 40 Fortune 500 case studies and 100 plus innovators, the CTI-research found that the existence of two-dimensional (2D) diversity in an organisation could be a magical driver for serial innovation. And what 2D innovation is, you might ask? A combination of two kinds of diversity: Inherent and Acquired. Let us have a closer look:

Inherent diversity covers the “embodied” human factors such as gender, race, age, religious background, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation and nationality. That is, the traits you were born with and have been consequently conditioned by.

Acquired diversity is appropriated skills such as cultural

Novozymes “GrowBets”

“GrowBets” is an internal Idea Management competition in Novozymes, whose intention is to stimulate creativity across organisational boundaries and accelerate the development of inventions with high growth potential. Recently Novozymes published a study of the results.

Nosco was involved in this process as software providers for the online collaboration (Nosco App) and as consultants for Ideation sessions – two important disciplines during the competition.

The overall process was successful and the outcome lived up to the predetermined goals:

As of August 2012, two ideas had been launched as projects; one of these represented a radical, albeit risky innovation that held the promise of opening up an entirely new enzyme application in a new field,” the article states.

Novozymes additionally concludes that the competition inputs recombined existing knowledge with new ideas and resurrected old proposals that inventors had not previously been able to advance in the organisation. Furthermore “the process demonstrated that asking participants to comment

Innovation by Design Awards 2013

The Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards 2013 were held in NYC on 2nd October. Adjudicated by a panel of esteemed judges including James Sommerville, VP Global Design at Coca-Cola and Evan Sharp, founder of Pinterest, each entry was judged on 6 crucial parameters: Business impact, Beauty, Originality, Functionality, Social impact and Depth of user insight.

The winners were chosen among 1200 contributions, from which 54 ideas were presented as finalists and 9 were proclaimed winners. There was an extremely diverse group of winners. One, for example, was Uber, a company that “evolves the way the world moves”, rethinking urban transportation, using an app to connect drivers and riders. The app counts features such as clear pricing, cashless payment (pay with your phone) and online feedback for your driver. This seems pretty convenient, if you ask me.

Another winner was a product – a social good – called AirPod designed by P!global for

Case: Why Allianz Value Every Idea


The insurance industry is known as rather conservative, but Allianz UK has a long tradition of involving the whole organisation in innovation. Every employee is encouraged to bring ideas to the table. But a good idea is not enough; an idea should be followed by an estimated financial value right from the start.

Allianz has experienced great results throughout the years: the company has implemented more than 30,000 ideas generated by its employees, delivering an annualized benefit of £15m.

Watch Surinder and Robin from the Allianz innovation team explain why it is important to value every idea:



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