Allianz chooses Nosco App

Allianz UK has entered an agreement with Nosco to use Nosco App as its idea management platform for all its employees

Allianz UK has been working with idea management for many years. They have a dedicated team and a long tradition of involving employees in innovation. We are very pleased that such an experienced innovation pioneer has chosen Nosco App as the backbone of their innovation efforts.

Innovation at Allianz Insurance

  • Allianz Insurance has operated an innovation programme since 2006
  • Allianz Insurance has a dedicated innovation team charged with embedding innovation strategies within the culture of the business
  • The company charges different team members as being Innovation Champions to promote innovative practises in their work areas
  • The company has implemented 30,000 ideas generated by its employees, delivering an annualised benefit of £15m, succeeding a target of £10m

Learn more about how Allianz work with idea management:

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